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Open Shopping List is an easy to use shopping list smartphone app and web app. It's designed to allow easy and efficient synchronization with a server and with other persons.

Install the smartphone application (currently supported on android), create your account, and immediately start editing your shopping list.

Then also access your account on the web admin pages (sorry, there's a scary browser security warning - more info), so that you create and share more lists from there; you can also import/export stuff. The lists are synchronized between your smartphone, the admin pages, and the friends with which you've activated sharing.

If you don't have or don't want to use a smartphone, you can also create and use your account only on the web, of course.


You and your friends can modify the same list each on your own smartphone and on your desktop computers. New shopping items pile up during the week and whoever is at the shopping centre can use the list to get all the needed stuff.

What's inside

There are already a lot of shopping list apps for smartphone and for desktop; Open Shopping List differentiates with its unique features set:


Open Shopping List is immature :)

Guillaume Cottenceau

Sun Jun 19 23:25:53 2011