Learning Partner
Learning Partner is a small Android app helping you learn stuff. You either supply the URL of a UTF-8 CSV within the app, or you enter the URL in this form and then simply enter the appropriate keycode in the app for download - the file must have two comma-separated columns, say column A contains words in english and column B translations in german. Once on your phone, the app will show you random english words; you'll have to tell the german word for yourself, and then indicate your success/failure by tapping the proper button. At the end of the series the app will display your failure rate, and then show you the erroneous entries again. Example file:

to know,wissen
to go,gehen
woman,die Frau

To obtain a download keycode, enter the URL of a UTF-8 CSV file:
URL of a UTF-8 CSV file:
The file will be automatically removed from server in 5 minutes.