After writing Frozen-Bubble in Perl, I decided to have a look at what could bring OCaml to me for creating a new game, since I've always admired this programming language without really using it ever. Actually, I had Human-Beings in mind (beware, that's pure vapor), although I wanted to try something small first. I remembered the nice Simon game I played, an electronic game in which you had to memorize a series of sounds/colors, that's what I wanted to do.

The program

memotux screenshot 1 memotux screenshot 2 memotux screenshot 3

The 150 lines ocaml program is written using the ocamlsdl library. It is very rough, e.g. Makefile contains hardcoded paths, no install target, and program will look for data files in the working directory. However, it's playable. Of course, the fine Ayo73 drawed the graphics for me.

This version compiles fine with ocaml-3.07.2 and ocamlsdl-0.6.3.

A courtesy binary linked against recent (Sat May 8 13:40:08 2004) libraries is provided since compiling ocaml stuff can be a nightmare. Sorry no static binary since the glibc is too dumb to provide functions statically callable (e.g. 'getpwnam' and 'gethostbyname').

Gameplay: the program shows you a series of items (each "item" is actually one color quarter lighting and one sound played), and you have to mimic the series when it's finished. The series is first one item, then two, etc.


Download memotux-0.9.tar.bz2

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