Enterprise Lunch System(R)(TM)

Enterprise Lunch System(R)(TM) is a Professional Corporate Application(R). Building on Years of Experience(TM) from Market Leaders(TM), this is the Enterprise Software Product(R) the Industry(TM) has been waiting for ages.

On the following screenshot, you can see Enterprise Lunch System(R)(TM) in action:

Lunch in Action

Basically, you enter your name and place of choice, and the program keeps track of where you'd like to have lunch this day. This is useful to know who wants to go where, and ease the work of the unfortunate who's responsible for calling for the reservation. You can enter your email address to receive an automated email each time someone subscribes, and a crontab entry is nice to automatically reset the decisions during the afternoon, something like 30 15 * * * /bin/bash -c "echo -n > /path/to/lunch/decisions".

With this system, the usual geeks at your company will be able to socialize during lunch like never. Don't forget to invite me to the wedding.


Thu Jun 9 10:35:43 2005