Add outline and fading support to dvtitler for kino

Kino, a DV video editor for Linux, is a great tool, and comes with a lot of plugins. Unfortunately, this is a field where great features take a long take to be coded, so there are lacks. One of them which was important for me, was the lack of outlines around sub-titles. There was nice plugin adding sub-titles, dvtitler, but it had no outline feature.

On the following screenshot, you can see GUI additions:

GUI additions

And here's how it can look once rendered in a video. Notice there is a nice black outline around the yellow text. It greatly improves readability and general "look" of the text:

An example

It's available since dvtitler-0.2.0 released on 25.05.2005. Download.

Fri Jan 13 12:18:23 2006

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