Diffing ZIP files (or JAR, WAR, APK, TAR)

diffzips.pl produces a "useful" diff between two ZIP files, helping to view what changed in between. It also recursively shows the diffs between different ZIP files inside both ZIP files.

First aim is to make sure all changes are mastered when deploying a new WAR file in production (helps spot what bugfixes/features are actually in the new WAR file).

Example output (with a patched colordiff for subdiffs coloring):

E.g. main.jsp and WEB-INF/lib/foo.jar have changed, and Bar.class and Qux.class are the changes inside WEB-INF/lib/foo.jar.

You may download diffzips.pl then. It needs file, unzip, tar, perl, and optionally colordiff.

Thu Mar 14 15:58:30 2013